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Who can benefit?

       For those experiencing chronic or acute health conditions that

       cannot be addressed in general classes

Yoga Therapeutics can help....

        Structural imbalances; autoimmune disorders; systemic issues; digestive disorders; breathing problems; nervous system disorders; mental disturbances & additions 

What happens in a private session?  

       Conversational Intake at the beginning to learn about the student's health issues and what they're health goals are. 


        Individualized yoga sequences are given to the student; observation is made to determine the affect of these yoga poses; to see the student's capacity for practice, and to devise a plan for the student to follow to help achieve the student's goals.  


        Private Session Fees:  1 session $110; 3 sessions $270


Yoga Therapeutics Class

        May be the next step (after a private session) for students who still require particular 

        sequences for their health progress but can work on their own concurrently in a class

        (4-6 students) while each student practices their individualized sequences and gets

         individualized corrections. $20/class; 5 classes $80

Contact Lauren at (928) 940-0996 to inquire further or to set up an appointment. 


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