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Yoga and Meditation

instruction that uplifts your life,

improves your health and guides you toward engaging with life from spiritual, non-dualistic perspective.

Yoga Therapeutics

Unique in the White Mountains, for those with a variety of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual concerns


Iyengar Yoga Class Schedule with Lauren will be changed from April 5 - 9th while she is away. The following class will meet:

• Thurs. April 6th - 11 am Level 1-2 Iyengar Yoga  with Ken

All other classes are canceled.
Lauren's schedule resumes Mon. April 10th.


What we offer


Levels of Instruction

GENTLE YOGA  - for beginners

and those with balance, breath and movement issues

LEVELS 1-2 -  foundational poses that build strength, stability, flexibility, breath coordination and mental awareness

LEVELS 2-3 - intermediate instruction including practice of inversions; backends, arm balances, pranayama and meditative penetration in the poses.


MIXED LEVELS - instruction that is appropriate for beginners to intermediate.   


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Types of Instruction

 IYENGAR YOGA -  this instruction emphasizes correct alignment, stability, strength and flexibility; breath awareness and paying close attention are improved. 

Lauren Barnert-Hosie, Instructor

FORREST YOGA - instills mental emotional and physical strength, awareness and flexibility. Builds to vinyasa flow and intensity of practice. 

Lisa Gallinger Hughes, Instructor

FLOW YOGA - vinyasa flow yoga builds strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio health; improves breath coordination with movement. 

(Offered in Summer)

Rosie Ganzalez & Melissa Graves, Instructors


PULSE YOGA - hand weights are employed while practicing yoga asanas; builds to intense flow practice.

(Offered in Summer)

Mo Lord, Instructor

YIN YOGA - release the fascia and built up tension thru this gentle practice with long holdings of poses

(Offered in Summer)

Pam Leibowitz, Instructor

HOLY YOGA - yoga practice combined with worship music and themes; Christian base


Lori Morse, Instructor

MEDITATION - learn to work with your mind,  bringing mindfulness, and mental stability into everyday life. 


Ken Hosie, Instructor





YOGA THERAPEUTICS - Highly skilled instruction to address many health conditions.  Private sessions and a special Yoga Therapeutics Class are available. Appointments required.

Lauren Barnert-Hosie, Iyengar Certified Yoga Therapist, 

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MEDITATION- adept instruction for any level of student from beginners to advanced. Weekly Zoom Classes are held on Sundays. Beginning Classes offered from time to time. 

Ken Hosie, Instructor

Your mind is like a spoiled rich kid!  You have raised it to think whatever it wants, whenever it wants to and for however long, with no regard for consequences or gratitude....So when a thought arises, just watch it,; don't react to it.  

"Oh I really want ice cream"...that's nice, see what it's like to want something but not always get it.

Buddhist Boot Camp, By Timber Hawkeye

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