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Meditation: is not foreign, not something new

Meditation:  improves your physical & mental heath

Meditation: boosts your immune system

Meditation: affects every aspect of your life

Meditation: isn't learned; it's experienced;
we're all beginners. 
Join us. 

Meditation:  Accessible and Rewarding

 In the quiet, low-lit space of a meditation hall - where a candle flame serves as the center of attention - one's mind and heart can find reflection, self-care and a deeper understanding of their place in the world.  Add to this the presence of a gifted teacher who provides thoughtful discourse, clear guidance, warmth and a capacity to convey spiritual concepts in a clear and concise way. 

   A community of seekers begins to thrive in this setting with a common thread of support for and open-heartedness with each other.  In a space that is inviting and deeply thoughtful, a student can begin to connect with inner guidance and find approaches to meditation practice that serve their own needs and values.  There is no dogma here.  There can be no dogma when the entire approach to meditation is for the individual to explore and discover their own way in the world!  Meditation provides the environment to exactly that end.


For whatever reason, the expansive field of meditation has remained suspect in many communities.  Dubious, inauthentic approaches and sensationalized media coverage have served as deterrents perhaps.  But the practice of meditation has been solidly grounded in a healthy variety of traditions on this Earth for millennia.  There must be a reason why it has endured.


That “reason” points to the critical center of what an authentic approach to meditation is:  One’s direct, personal experience of being whole, even in the face of self-doubt, emotional distress and the ever-present barriers to living optimally. 


Meditation provides a world of inner discovery that is inviolable. In other words, an effective meditation practice opens doors to a greater experience of life and to a vastly more expansive clarity about who we are, what we are and why we’re here.  Most importantly - and what is most often missed in misguided pedestrian discussions about meditation - is that what one discovers through meditation is not foreign, not something “new”, not something that has to be learned, not something one has to believe, but something that is recognized by oneself as being unsurprising, familiar and completely, undeniably what’s so.  Through meditation, we come to know who we are on a much bigger playing field.  Through meditation, our fears and hopes become less confining and our true direction unfolds like the petals of a rose.

At Open Spaces Yoga Center, the opportunity to sit in peaceful repose with others provides an environment conducive to self-reflection and the acquisition of Wisdom.  Delving into ancient Truths and finding guidance from Higher Wisdom, sessions are wonderfully accessible to the fledgling beginner while also rigorous enough to engage those with an established meditation practice.


Informed by both Eastern and Western traditions, classes are a combination of teachings, guidance, self-reflection, open dialogue, exercises, discourse, activities and a kind of thoughtful, heartfelt diligence honoring one’s life and exploring its purpose in the world of human beings.

Ken Hosie, M.A. (a certified meditation teacher and a student of Zen, Tibetan Buddhism and other spiritual traditions for over 40 years) conducts weekly hour-long meditation practice sessions at Open Spaces Yoga Center, Lakeside, AZ.  Ken is a gifted teacher, artist, and published author.  His expertise in Mindfulness Meditation has been employed at Summit Healthcare’s Pain Clinic.  Over the past 15+ years he has co-sponsored visits to the White Mountains by a dedicated troupe of monks lead by Geshe Dr. Lobsang Tenzin.


Join us at OSYC on Sundays from 9-10:15 a.m.  With sufficient interest, other days and times might be established for an additional ongoing class.  Also, Ken has been interested for some time in providing classes specifically designed for young adults (sophomore-senior) and would appreciate support in reaching out to that population.  If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact Ken at or call (928) 940-0997.

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