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Yoga for Autoimmune Disorders

We live in a world bombarded by noise, toxicity, a degraded food system, and heaps of stress. We also live with less attention on how we're doing than what we're doing, how we look to ourselves and others, and our own self-image (colored our habitual patterns - mostly unconscious). There comes a time for many of us when our bodies, minds, and emotions try to tell us something is wrong or out of balance. But we don't listen very well. So our autoimmune systems begin to speak very loudly, or begin to attack us in various ways and so strongly, that we have to stop because the pain is too much to override anymore.

This attack can be on our nervous system (MS), on our joints (Rheumatoid Arthritis), on our organs (Thyroid imbalances); on connective tissues (Lupus) and in many other manifestations.

Lao Tsu, father of Taoism, said "the quieter you become, the more you are able to listen". Yoga helps you become quieter and listen more attentively so that you can respond with greater compassion and kindness toward yourself. Your Autoimmune System is a great teacher, bringing you the gift of listening, paying attention. That may mean you must give up some old habits, change your lifestyle, even change your environment (living, working, location, etc.) in order to save your life.

Yoga also helps you to learn that you are not your autoimmune disorder. This is a very helpful relationship which allows you to release fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, anger and frustration over the changes that are inevitable in your life.

We can reduce inflammation with yoga practices (see photo above). Many poses can calm stress, relieve the aches and pains, and improve your breathing.

In the process of learning yoga for your autoimmune condition, your listening, your paying attention to life in so many ways, and your showing yourself greater compassion (not pity) and kindness opens up your worldview to the vastness and richness of life that you deserve.

To learn more about the YOGA FOR AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS workshop series being offered July 28, Aug 11 and Aug 25 (take one, two or all three) go to the events section for details.

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